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Best Cigar and Whiskey Bar in Tokyo, Japan and Maybe The World!

I was considering doing a Top 5 Cigar Lounges in Tokyo but nothing will top what it can be the best cigar bar in the world. Forget about LCDH in Tokyo or Le Connaisseur! Authentic Bar Salon De Shimaji is what every cigar aficionado dream to visit one day. Within this establishment, a curated exhibition of approximately 400 exceedingly scarce and vintage whiskey bottles are prominently displayed. The ambiance exudes an unmistakable air of yesteryear, evoking a profound sense of serenity akin to an antique enclave reminiscent of a speakeasy. The dulcet tones of Frank Sinatra resonate through the intricately concealed speakers, further enhancing the timeless ambiance.

The proprietor, along with two masterful mixologists, graciously accommodates a select gathering of no more than 7-8 patrons. Their consummate expertise in the art of mixology is matched only by their profound knowledge of the rare spirits on offer. It is worth noting that they excel not only in their craft but also in the role of congenial hosts, ensuring that every visitor feels more akin to an esteemed friend than a mere customer within these hallowed confines.

When it comes to cigars, the assortment may not be voluminous, but it is meticulously curated. A prominent feature within the establishment is the Davidoff wall humidor, showcasing predominantly Davidoff offerings alongside a selection of coveted Cuban cigars.

Tip: Don't show up without a reservation or you could be very disappointed.

This establishment is the epitome of a "concealed treasure." Even if one were to pass by its location daily, its existence would remain shrouded in secrecy, known primarily to the fortunate few who are privy to its whereabouts. While information about this haven does exist on digital platforms such as Google and social media, those who have had the privilege of patronizing it are discreet in their online presence, opting not to share their experiences. After all, who desires an influx of tourists invading their cherished sanctuary?

Want to try their own whiskey?


Art Silo B1F, 4-2-5 Nishiazabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Tel.03-6427-1477 (Currently by reservation only)

Closed on Mondays

This review is not sponsored by anyone.

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