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Davidoff x Dom Perignon - Over $500 Per Cuban Cigar!

In 1987, Zino Davidoff made an appearance on French television where he strongly criticized the quality of Cuban cigars. He went to the extent of setting ablaze 130,000 cigars in a massive bonfire, asserting that these cigars were unsellable. A representative from Cubatabaco, stationed in France, responded by saying, "If there had been any issues, Cubatabaco would have willingly accepted the cigars for return and replacement." They questioned the rationale behind destroying 130,000 cigars, which could have been exchanged. Ultimately, it was Cubatabaco's decision to cease cigar deliveries to Davidoff, not the other way around.

In addition to the issue of brand ownership, Cubatabaco acknowledged that Zino Davidoff was also deeply concerned about the unauthorized sale of Cuban cigars in Switzerland and various other markets. They claimed that this was a phenomenon beyond their control in the international marketplace.

Evidently, a significant portion of Davidoff cigars entering Europe during that period was making its way through the Eastern bloc, as the Cubans were using cigars as a form of currency for procuring oil and other commodities. Even in Switzerland, there were entities importing Davidoff cigars without authorization. As a result of their disagreements, the production of Davidoff cigars in Cuba came to an end in 1991. Subsequently, both parties reached an agreement to sell the remaining inventory by the conclusion of 1992.

As a result any Davidoff from 1992 or prior will can cost hundeds per cigar. A price not commanded by many other brands.

Review of the cigar by Halfwheel:

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